Nadal skips Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal is his new pink tee on the French Open

Rafael Nadal in his new pink tee on the French Open (Photo credit:(Photo credit :JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)

Rafael Nadal, the current world no. 1 in tennis makes a pass for Wimbledon this year.  After losing to Roger Federer last month on his very own battlefield (French Open), Nadal not only accepts defeat but also continues to struggle past debilitating knee injury.

The brawny Rafa who’s smarter than he looks puts wellness on top of it all.  He withstands the pressure of ‘keeping up‘ instead looks after his health.

Now that Nadal is out of the tournament which will start tomorrow, there’s a greater chance for Roger to reclaim his glory at Wimbledon and possibly win his 15th title (more than Sampras).  If nothing fails, that shall place Federer as a legend set for posterity.

There may not be enough coal to bring out the fire at Wimbledon but it might still make history for Roger to surpass Sampras.

Further thoughts….

I can’t help but comment on Nadal’s new ‘pretty in pink’ uniform.  He failed to defend his beloved title though, at least in style.

On Federer, in case he gets the title….winning of course equates financial success (even bigger in figures) per se. If I’m not mistaken, Andre Agassi posed for an ad campagin with the luxury brand Louis Vuitton not so long ago.  Already a rolex endorser, I’m thinking in the near future we might see Federer as a face of LV, in luggage.

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