Shoe Perforation Mania at Prada

A look from Prada S/S 2010 collection (photo from

A look from Prada S/S 2010 collection (photo from

No other designer has exaggerated the perforated style in footwear except for Miuccia Prada. Her latest Spring Summer collection in Milan may be called a mock to the conventional suiting styles with which the traditional suit is worn….taking the sleeves off, detailed tailoring (with mesh and interior looking prints) and even a little hint of sportiness.  I always adore Miuccia’s bold choices….and how dare she manipulated the holy grail of menswear?  That refers to the  suit, which seems only a few designers would dare touch while Mr. Dries might have been busying himself perfecting suits for the past few seasons.  I am not surprised at all for someone like Miuccia Prada who delves in the unusual.  At reciprocal value, the shoes are just as maddeningly creative and anything but traditional.

perforated 2

Prada shoe in distinct perforated holes

Synthetic laser cut holes couldn’t get any bigger.  Just make sure you walk on the dry path.

Prada perforated shoe

Prada perforated shoe

A barely dressy shoe like this makes a handsome pair of walking shoes….even the thought of going sockless is comfortably convenient.

Caged pattern on prada shoe

Caged pattern on Prada shoe

A handsome pair

A handsome pair of Prada shoes

A handsome pair that could potentially outdo any wearer.  There was an elfish quality with the raised front of these shoes but its elongated shape makes it more masculine.  Well, given serious attention, do these shoes really transcribe the new men’s dress shoes?  I don’t think so, I think the perforated style in footwear is preposterous.  Hence, these are all walking shoes.  A hardworking gentleman can never put aside a reliably tried and tested pair of chunky oxfords (or the Classic Prada shoes).

A boxy Prada bag

A boxy Prada bag (All Photos from

A boxy container unexpectedly turned out.  Wow!…I hope it’s not another Prada Nylon bag…or is it?


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