A Blend of Korean Pop and Art

A Song of Spring by Simeon Solomon

A Song of Spring by Simeon Solomon

Simeon Solomon’s finest work would certainly be the one that was inspired from the Primavera by Sandro Botticelli.  The British born artist attempted to satirize the Primavera by conveying an elegantly rendered sadness in his painting  ‘A Song of Spring’ depicting figures of boys in knee-breaches with romantic satin bows (which should be inappropriately dressed at that time) and Pre-Rafaelite girls.

Now, it seems the painting has found an odd resurrection in the form of a Pop boyband’s music video.

Korean boyband Super Juniors

Korean boyband Super Juniors

It was merely a schema-tic impulse that had drawn me to perceiving a particular scene of their video (watch it here, I refrain to post junk media such as videos) while browsing television channels until I idly stumbled upon a Korean program.  And a prude like me whose eyes aren’t easy to please, of all things, I got caught by a teensy weensy music video of a korean boyband….and a tasteful piece of inspiration akin to the mood evoked on the painting.  It’s not only the gloomy interiors that look artistically inspired from this video, but also the boys themselves in an ample amount of styled looks.


fresh suit

A boy’s lament here….don’t you think he’s too best dressed to be lamentable?


And how many guys can you count wearing a jumpsuit.  I mean, how often do we see guys wearing jumpsuits in a music video….hmmm.  Smells like teen spirit….Kurt Cobain would be shocked!

Even Tim Hamilton should be disappointed because his jumpsuit came a wee bit late before these Korean guys broke out.

Tim Hamilton SS/10 (from Showstudio.com)

Tim Hamilton SS/10 (from Showstudio.com)


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