Window Dressing the Man

Style, the way of putting things together has become more relevant now in menswear.  But maybe not quite, as much as how it has infectiously shaped the opposite sex.  Menswear is strictly fashion throughout the years, whose templates are invariably suits, shirts, ties, pants that continually define men and masculinity. Then style penetrates into men’s fashion, disregarding any sense of propriety.  That’s simply how Style stimulate “human interest”….like opening a hifalutin magazine these days and seeing all these otherworldly, intergalactic bamboozlement of editorials, at least, that’s how it appeals to me.  Interesting? Yes, but making sense? No.

Presentation of Soe SS/10 at the course of JFW

Presentation of Soe AW/10 at the course of JFW, encased in a Window view

Soe, a Japanese based brand designed by Soichiro Ito – I think had best exemplified the proper use of Styling in men’s clothing by showcasing his AW/10 collection at a different platform.  He devised a low scale presentation but otherwise, very effective in what can be described as perforations on a wall.  The models are encased on the other side as they pass through the squares so they appear to become a projection of different dimensions.  The middle square underscores the clothes only in order to focus on the style.  If I’m not mistaken, the venue might have been a showroom, which provides an intimately favorable setting for prospective buyers and editors while witnessing a  presentation – It was clever.

Soe look

A model pauses to the audience and turns to his side and back as he walks past the wall.

Soe fully dimensional look

Chic styling at Soe

The collection was about the strong Chic style during the ’90’s.  The boys were in french sporty apparel that included a lot of slim highwater trousers and cool border prints, essentially Riviera inspired, particularly a sailor’s peacoat transformed to a cardigan. Everything is lightly styled but I suppose without the clever presentation these clothes would be a miss.

Had it been for Tokyo Fashion Express, I wouldn’t have had known about Soe.  Tokyo fashion express is a weekly news feature, it’s hosted by fashion journalist and style consultant Tiffany Godoy and aired at NHK world, a japanese news and language program.

Source: all photos from Vogue Homme


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