Bottega Venetta Bags are too good to carry

Playful colors at Bottega Venetta

Playful colors at Bottega Venetta (Photo from Catwalking)

Tomas Maier’s new collection for Bottega Venetta was not an understatement if  the brand’s slogan “When your initials are enough” is to be considered.  It was a playful display of  mashed up colors and sporty apparel.  Not to mention those tie dye shirts which I myself would be in doubt to wear.  But the handbags have always been at least to me the most irresistible.

BV bag in ostrich

BV bag in ostrich

This handbag in ostrich leather is just stunning…possibly my favorite.

chocolate BV handbag

chocolate BV handbag

I can totally see an executive class man from the far north toting this one.

shopping tote in blue crocodile leather

shopping tote in blue crocodile leather

One in a flashy blue crocodilian leather.  And the rest are all shopping totes with their signature hand weave probably more inspired this time from the oriental side of the world.

Mr Maier has given us so many timeless bags.  I don’t know why, but I utterly miss his flat bags from last fall.

BV flat bag from the fall collection

BV flat bag from the fall collection (All photos from


It all goes down to Utility at Burberry


Milan Fashion Week S/S 2010: A look from the recent Burberry collection (photo: Catwalking)

The fashion world has started its seasonal routine all over again leaning toward spring next year.  The calendar of fashion shows kicks off at the Milan fashion week starting in the men’s department. Burberry Prorsum, as I’ve heard shall be celebrating its anniversary later in September and while its edging closer, Mr. Christopher Bailey, the creative director of the luxury brand presented another Spring/Summer collection which I simply cannot ignore.  To my opinion there was nothing strangely fantastical about the show, the kind of  somber mood that was reflected in its previous collections, it was nevertheless a generous outpouring of real and modern clothes.  I believe Mr. Bailey put into consideration the Burberry man in its contemporary period….this was all part of a main plot.  That plot started last year if I can recall those exquisitely handpainted cashmere sweaters…those slovenly scrungy cardigans that appeared in the summer…and then those true blue burberry checks last fall…now everything seems to be meeting at a singular point – Utility.  In fact the show started with Snowpatrol’s Chasing Cars…it was not a thematic show and forget those cheesy but all melodramatic british soundtracks from the past.  More critically there were looks that very much resembled his older collection….like that knitted cardigan which is now more refined than before…the lightweight breezy shirts from the past now more ambigous (shirts in draped straps)…. and all the luxuriously poetic silk brocade shirts and pants from the nostalgic past now economized to modern wearable separates that are practically Utilitarian.

Burberry raincoats in primary colors

Burberry raincoats in primary colors (photo:

And the water coats, they are as a coat should be…but in primary colors.

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey

Mr. Bailey’s new proposition of a burberry man I think answers the questions of keeping a bright outlook  for such a dismal economic climate.  So smart indeed, eventhough this collection was not atypically inspired.  Now the vision of Burberry is like a gradation from a monochromatic neutral blur….to a decisively bold pop color.

Federer….not his usual self at Wimbledon?

Roger Federer sporting his new look at the Wimbledon

Roger Federer sporting his new look at the Wimbledon (Photo Credit:AFP PHOTO / CARL DE SOUZA CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images via

The contest has began at Wimbledon and I can’t help to make a few observations on Mr. Roger Federer and his new uniform.  As expected, Wimbledon is basically one of the few tournaments that imposes a dress code: White – is always and forever will be the no color – color on the spring grass court.  A few moments earlier, the world greeted Roger upon entering in his usual self…of course, but not the usual all elegant look….this time it was more sloppy.

Roger Federer and his entire ensemble

Roger Federer and his entire ensemble

I thought it was a bad bargain from his classic beige cardigan we saw last year.  That white  jacket I’m afraid looks  like a rugged belstaff-y jacket better left off in leather.  It’s very corporate.  Take that jacket right off and he seems more ventilated rather than choked.  His shirts have always been a favorite, this one particularly is a stand-out especially with that understated pinstripe detail and the peekaboo champaigne piping on his collar.  In a lighter note, perhaps that reflects the status of his career….authority…the powerful graceful master of strokes.  I think that’s the subliminal message of his uniform.  Now that Nadal is out of the way….his productive state  so far as compared to the darker past and growing confidence out there is most certainly not the usual.

Nadal skips Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal is his new pink tee on the French Open

Rafael Nadal in his new pink tee on the French Open (Photo credit:(Photo credit :JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)

Rafael Nadal, the current world no. 1 in tennis makes a pass for Wimbledon this year.  After losing to Roger Federer last month on his very own battlefield (French Open), Nadal not only accepts defeat but also continues to struggle past debilitating knee injury.

The brawny Rafa who’s smarter than he looks puts wellness on top of it all.  He withstands the pressure of ‘keeping up‘ instead looks after his health.

Now that Nadal is out of the tournament which will start tomorrow, there’s a greater chance for Roger to reclaim his glory at Wimbledon and possibly win his 15th title (more than Sampras).  If nothing fails, that shall place Federer as a legend set for posterity.

There may not be enough coal to bring out the fire at Wimbledon but it might still make history for Roger to surpass Sampras.

Further thoughts….

I can’t help but comment on Nadal’s new ‘pretty in pink’ uniform.  He failed to defend his beloved title though, at least in style.

On Federer, in case he gets the title….winning of course equates financial success (even bigger in figures) per se. If I’m not mistaken, Andre Agassi posed for an ad campagin with the luxury brand Louis Vuitton not so long ago.  Already a rolex endorser, I’m thinking in the near future we might see Federer as a face of LV, in luggage.

Greeks still awaiting parts of Parthenon

The view of the parthenon on Acropolis hil can be viewed 50 metres away from the Acropolis Museum.

The view of the parthenon on Acropolis hill can be viewed 50 metres away from the Acropolis Museum.

If there’s one place where one can see the world’s Art History at a glance, London would appropriately be a good suggestion.  The British museum houses some of the most coveted art treasures of the world and yet it continues to ignore the woes of the Greeks.  The Parthenon marble, a part of which housed at the British museum is a valuable symbol of Greek History as well as Architecture and well considered as its holy grail – I deem might never be reunited back to its provenance.  Despite it all, the Greeks push through with opening their new Acropolis Museum yesterday and serves more like an understated outcry to the brits.  The negotiations to have the pieces altogether has been around for some time with the British’s idea of letting them borrow the artifacts but only exacerbated the issue when museum officials rejected it seeing the offering as an offense to their national pride.  I personally think the persistence of the British museum that “there’s no proper place to store the artefacts” is now a  poor excuse especially that the Acropolis museum has been established.

Photo: Google images

Project Mercury on the move

This shall be my pilot post for this humble blog I call: Mercury.  Mercury is a term which I use for this blog that refers to the new breed of men who are interested in Art, generally,  comfortable to  one’s sexuality and bold enough to suit up in Style.   I’d like to think of this blog simply as a place that caters to men’s lifestyle but with  the primary  objective of reporting the changes and growing trends in art, good design, sports (particularly tennis since I’m a tennis buff) menswear, and anything of or relating to the modern men.