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A Blend of Korean Pop and Art

A Song of Spring by Simeon Solomon

A Song of Spring by Simeon Solomon

Simeon Solomon’s finest work would certainly be the one that was inspired from the Primavera by Sandro Botticelli.  The British born artist attempted to satirize the Primavera by conveying an elegantly rendered sadness in his painting  ‘A Song of Spring’ depicting figures of boys in knee-breaches with romantic satin bows (which should be inappropriately dressed at that time) and Pre-Rafaelite girls.

Now, it seems the painting has found an odd resurrection in the form of a Pop boyband’s music video. Continue reading


Greeks still awaiting parts of Parthenon

The view of the parthenon on Acropolis hil can be viewed 50 metres away from the Acropolis Museum.

The view of the parthenon on Acropolis hill can be viewed 50 metres away from the Acropolis Museum.

If there’s one place where one can see the world’s Art History at a glance, London would appropriately be a good suggestion.  The British museum houses some of the most coveted art treasures of the world and yet it continues to ignore the woes of the Greeks.  The Parthenon marble, a part of which housed at the British museum is a valuable symbol of Greek History as well as Architecture and well considered as its holy grail – I deem might never be reunited back to its provenance.  Despite it all, the Greeks push through with opening their new Acropolis Museum yesterday and serves more like an understated outcry to the brits.  The negotiations to have the pieces altogether has been around for some time with the British’s idea of letting them borrow the artifacts but only exacerbated the issue when museum officials rejected it seeing the offering as an offense to their national pride.  I personally think the persistence of the British museum that “there’s no proper place to store the artefacts” is now a  poor excuse especially that the Acropolis museum has been established.

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