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Window Dressing the Man

Style, the way of putting things together has become more relevant now in menswear.  But maybe not quite, as much as how it has infectiously shaped the opposite sex.  Menswear is strictly fashion throughout the years, whose templates are invariably suits, shirts, ties, pants that continually define men and masculinity. Then style penetrates into men’s fashion, disregarding any sense of propriety.  That’s simply how Style stimulate “human interest”….like opening a hifalutin magazine these days and seeing all these otherworldly, intergalactic bamboozlement of editorials, at least, that’s how it appeals to me.  Interesting? Yes, but making sense? No.

Presentation of Soe SS/10 at the course of JFW

Presentation of Soe AW/10 at the course of JFW, encased in a Window view

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